Congratulations! Now that you have been registered and accepted for the
2019 Summer Orientation to Adolescent Studies, please review the following details for your Orientation.




Whether in Golden or at Hershey this summer, you will want to build community with your fellow participants by securing the recommended housing. For Golden, that will be staying on the campus of the nearby Colorado School of Mines. Participants will stay in Randall Hall, have daily access to the dining hall, and have bicycles available to get to/from classes.

Cost: $2350



At Hershey, participants will spend 1/2 of the Orientation on the Hershey Montessori campus and the other 1/2 at Hiram College. All meals, regardless of where you are sleeping, will be served on the Hershey campus. You will be fed excellent meals made partly from home-grown and locally obtained food.

Cost: $2100



All readings are available for purchase at Please be sure to bring copies of the Required Readings with you this summer, as they will be required for your completion of the course. To be best prepared, you should read the appendices of From Childhood to Adolescence in advance of the course. You will be asked to read them at least twice more throughout the course.


Children display a universal love of mathematics, which is par excellence the science of precision, order, and intelligence.
— Maria Montessori