Adolescent Math institute

Great Work, Inc. is teaming up with Mike Waski,  author of Montessori Algebra for the Adolescent, to build an online resource for middle and high school math teachers.

Hear it from him in this 30 second video...

 His curriculum tool is bundled in a series of Review Sets - each Review Set has over 1500 unique questions written by Mike! 

The Skills Review Package includes
1. Student booklet – 16 Daily Review Sets -- Each Review Set has 7 reviews of 12 questions each, an exam, and a retake exam.
2. Student booklet with answer key
3. Exam booklet with answer key

Also included is, 
How to use this package,
• Summary sheet of skills covered;
• Album Alignment of Skills;
• Common Core skills map.

Visit Mike's Teachers Pay Teachers page to see his current curriculum downloads.

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In Mike's Words...

What is this Integrated Math Curriculum?

This is a system of reviews we wrote for our high school students. At the time, we were looking at possibly moving to Common Core testing. So, we knew we needed to cover the skills according to Common Core Integrated Math curriculum. But we did not want to sacrifice freedom in the classroom to do more integrated projects and a curriculum driven by students.

The compromise was this series of daily reviews which covers the skills required and also weaves in a review of old concepts. Each Review Set introduces 2 or 3 new skill concepts -- which comprise approximately half the questions in the Review Set -- the remaining half of the questions are review questions from previously learned skills, with more emphasis on the more recently learned skills.

In this way, we could do any project at any time and still know our students received at least the minimum skills they'd need (according to CC standards).

The skills presented in the reviews can be thought of as an insurance policy -- freeing the child and adult to do mathematics that makes sense within the context of the larger environment.

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