Who is the trainer that will be giving the AMI Primary training?

Jack Yu is a Primary Trainer for the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). He has completed the Primary and Assistants to Infancy Training and holds diplomas for both courses from AMI. He also has a B.A. in Social Work from Soochow University, Taiwan. He was a social worker prior to working with young children. After he went through the Montessori trainings, he performed different roles in Montessori schools. These responsibilities ranged from a toddler and primary guide, pedagogical director, and a consultant serving children and families from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, he has translated Assistants to Infancy, Primary, and Elementary training courses from English to Mandarin in the USA and China. He has also lead an AMI Primary Assistant certificate training.

What is the cost of the AMI Primary training?

A 4-tier Pricing Program to Make AMI Training Affordable to as Many Individuals and Schools as Possible

We realize that applicants have different abilities to pay, so we have instituted a 4-tier pricing program to make Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training affordable to as many individuals and schools as possible. We ask that you look at the rate descriptions below, assess your financial situation, and make a determination about which rate you are able and willing to pay.

We believe in this training, the pathways it opens, and in the way it strengthens schools and our community and we want to remove as many barriers as we can.

The choice is entirely yours and in NO WAY influences, nor is included in, the admission process or experiences during the training itself.

For Heads of School, Principals, Board members, our hope is with these tiered rate options, the full tuition dollars that you would have invested sending a candidate to training will be reinvested in workshops, webinars, coaching, consulting, training assistants, and donations to the Montessori training so we all can further our positive impact with children, along with continuing to strengthen our Montessori community.

***Please note that Rates A, B & C are only available for applicants who have resided in Colorado full time for at least a year and intend to apply this training to working in a Colorado classroom.

  • Rate A - $1,500

This is rate is subsidized by donations and other GWI operations to bring the cost of the Training down as much as possible. We believe no one should miss out on this opportunity due to an inability to pay.

*Additional financial aid and payment plans may also be available if this rate still puts this Primary Training out of financial reach for you and/or your organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Rate B - $3,000

This rate covers a portion of the direct costs of the Training, though is subsidized by donations, workshops, coaching, and support from Great Work, Inc. operations . It does not cover any organization or administrative overhead or expenses.

  • Rate C - $5,000

This rate covers the true cost of the Training, including staffing, materials, printing, marketing, rent and basic utilities along with relevant organization overhead.

  • Rate D - $10,000

This is the true market rate for the Primary Training and covers all organization expenses as well as sustaining revenue for Organization reserves, future capital improvements and material depreciation. Rate D is required for all applicants who do not meet Residency requirements.


When will the AMI Primary Training start?

  • September 9 2019 - May 24 2020  (9 months)

  • Monday through Friday 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

What resources and support will be available to me during my training?

  • Office hours for trainees

  • Technology support

  • Material Making

Are you offering Elementary Training?

  • We are currently only offering Primary Training, if you are interested in bringing AMI Elementary training to Denver, CO, please fill out an Inquiry Form to help us gauge interest.

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The profound difference that exists between our method and the so-called “objective lessons” of the older systems is that the objects are not a help to the teacher.
— The Discovery of the Child, Dr. Maria Montessori