Hershey Orientation Housing

All participants will be housed in the Hershey Montessori School Dormitories for all 5 weeks.

Hershey Dormitory Fee (5 weeks): $2,000

(Local participants, or participants whose circumstances prevent participating in on-campus residential life for all 5 weeks, will be asked to live at least one week on campus for pedagogical reasons and will need to find alternative housing on their own for the other 4 weeks.)

Participants share rooms that accommodate  3-5 people with bunk beds, shared dresser space, and individual or shared closets. Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

The dorm provides sheets and mattress pads, air-conditioning and includes WIFI, laundry facilities, and free parking.

You will join with your colleagues in helping to make breakfast and dinner on a rotating basis and do morning and evening chores such as feeding the animals, cleaning the kitchen and dining room, or taking out the compost or garbage. (They will be the same chores that our boarding students do every day—and they do not take up that much of your time—if you are worried about academic responsibilities.)

You will be fed excellent meals made partly from home-grown and locally obtained food. Vegetarian and other options are always included in menus.

During the day, you will attend lectures and work sessions in our academic space (just as the students do.)

Your evening will be free for quiet work time, study, socializing, playing music, or simply reflecting in the beautiful surroundings.

We have a basketball court, lovely patio spaces, and local trails for walking.

You will have computer hook-up availability for lectures and wireless internet access.

You will have on-site guides to assist you in learning about “boarding life” from a Montessori perspective and to help you with anything that comes up as a problem or a need.