What is the difference between this Adolescent Introductory Workshop and the AMI/NAMTA Orientation to Adolescent Studies (OAS)?

The Orientation to Adolescent Studies (OAS) is a 5-week course run by leading Montessori experts in the area of the 3rd plane. This rigorous, theory-intensive course prepares practitioners to work with adolescents (12-18 years) within a framework based on Dr. Montessori’s research. During the summer of 2019, there will be three locations for the OAS: Golden, Colorado; Hershey Huntsburg Campus, Ohio; and Chihuahua, Mexico (course held in Spanish).

The Adolescent Introductory Workshop is a 4-day overview of foundational Montessori theory and methodology for working with adolescents. It is not a substitute for the full Orientation, instead it provides a general understanding of the work of the 3rd plane. The intention is for the Intro Workshops to be held in communities with less access to and/or less immediate need for the AMI/NAMTA Orientation.

Will there be any Adolescent Intro Workshops held in the US?

While we currently have no workshops scheduled for the US, since we run annual summer orientations, we anticipate that there will be some that materialize over the next few months. We have received a wave of positive, enthusiastic interest for this course all over the globe. We are currently working with interested folks who would like to host a workshop in the US. We will keep you updated on this website and through our emails as new workshops get scheduled! Join our email list here.


How do I schedule a workshop for my local Montessori community?

Good for you! Your Montessori community will surely thank you for bringing this much-needed information to the local community! To take the next step on hosting, just email Julia Richards at julia@greatworkinc.org and start the dialogue. She will be able to guide you through the current availability of our AMI-trained course leaders. Will I receive AMI certification for this?

YES! You will receive an AMI certificate upon completion of this workshop (35 hours).

Why are there different prices listed for this course?

Great Work, Inc is facilitating the registration for these workshops. As a US entity, we will be processing all costs in US dollars. However, due to the global interest for this workshop, we have listed the workshop cost per person in Euro as well. We will adjust as currency dictates to remain at approximately $400 USD per person.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes, we do have limited spots reserved at all workshop locations for financial aid. Please seek out more information from Julia at julia@greatworkinc.org.

What is the daily schedule of the workshop?

The workshop runs from 9am-5pm all four days. Lunch is included.


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