IM1 Review Set

IM1 Review Set


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This is a comprehensive Middle School Math review package – with over 1500 unique questions!! – for Integrated Math 1. Developed by Mike Waski, author of Montessori Algebra for the Adolescent, this is the first installment in a series of reviews that extends up to Integrated Math 5.

Included in this package are

• The Skills Review Package with

1. Student booklet – 16 Daily Review Sets -- Each Review Set has 7 reviews of 12 questions each, an exam, and a retake exam. This totals over 1500 questions! Each Review Set introduces 2 or 3 new skill concepts which comprise approximately half the questions in the Review Set, whereas the remaining half of the questions are review questions from previously learned skills, with more emphasis on the more recently learned skills.

2. Student booklet with answer key

3. Exam booklet with answer key

• How to Use this package – IM Descriptions

• Summary sheet of skills covered in this IM1 package (see preview)

• Album Alignment of Skills

• Common Core skills map

Also, when you purchase this package, you are invited to Mike Waski’s live webinars which will cover FAQs and “how to’s” for these sets. There will be 4 webinars this school year, beginning in September 2018.