Happy New Year! This is my blog!

Happy New Year! 

This is my math blog!  Why a blog?  I was teaching a geometry workshop out in Denver and I was telling the participants a bunch of random stories and I said I should really focus on the work at hand.  And someone said, “You should do a blog for all your random thoughts!  We’ll follow you!”  So, here it is!  Now I have to decide what this blog will be.  My guess right now is that it will be mainly about math - cool puzzles, stories, and ideas that I come across.  Also information about the Math Institute and where that is going.  Probably some Scrabble thrown in there and other random thoughts, or possible Deep Thoughts (by Jack Handey, of course).  

So my first bit of information is that I am working on getting a geometry book / album out by summer.  It is going well so far.  And as I was thiking of my geometry classes at MHS, I remembered this youtube video that the kids showed my back in the day, called “Cube.”  I think I showed it to my classes every year since when we started to do 3D solids, as an “introduction."  For weeks, the kids just say “CUBE!” and if you watch the video, you’ll understand.  I never showed this to the Geometry Workshop participants with our limited time, but now I can share it in the blog!  So remember, you asked for this!   But I think things like this make it fun.  The kids think so too.

The Fun Cannot Be Halted!!



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