Scrabble ID# ... 4/7ths

I love the decimal equivalent of the 7ths. 1/7 = 0.142857… repeating. This is easy to remember as 14 is double 7, 28 is double 14, and 57 is almost 28 doubled; it’s like a rounding-up error. But what is true is that all the 7ths follow the same sequence of repeated digits, they just start in a different place. 2/7ths starts with the second highest digit, 2. 2/7=0.285714… 3/7 starts with the next highest digit, which is not 3, but 4. So 3/7=0.428571… etc. My official NASPA scrabble ID# ends in 005728. So I just remember that it is 4/7ths and that’s all there is to it!

Converting 7ths mentally is a great activity for students as well. With a little bit of practice you can quickly learn what digit to start on for the remainder when dividing by 7; 4/7, start on 5. Since 6/7 is the highest fraction, it starts on 8, the highest digit, etc. Further, it is fun to sound really intelligent (pretentious?) when someone asks, “How many weeks is 40 days?” and you can quickly say, “5…. point 714285!” But maybe that’s just me,.

Michael Waski