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Beyond English Workshop

Children under the age of six benefit from the Absorbent Mind effortlessly by taking in the languages used by adults in their environment. Spoken language is the most important component during this time. In many parts of the world, humans grow up immersed in multiple languages and young children simply absorb the nuance and syntax when used in the immediate environment. Language diversity reflects the equality amongst cultures integrated within a place, and our environments embrace all cultures by honoring all forms of communication. In this workshop, we are exploring ways to provide young children a language diverse prepared environment and how to honor their first language. Participants will walk away with new ideas to add to their tool box, while embracing the power of the Absorbent Mind, Sensitive Periods, and Human Tendencies.

Time :: 9:00-3:00

Cost :: $75 (lunch provided)


Earlier Event: October 18
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Later Event: December 7
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