Montessori Essentials

for adults supporting Primary and Elementary environments

Support your Guides with a dedicated, two-day Montessori ESSENTIALS Workshop!

Fee: $95

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This workshop will be led by Megan Tresize, AMI Trainer in Training.

Great Work Montessori School
5300 W Center Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80226

Day 1: Montessori Theory Essentials

Day 1 will focus on the development of the child and the basics of the Montessori pedagogy, including the Four Planes of Development, the Absorbent Mind, prepared environment, freedom and discipline.

Day 2: Practical Elements to Assist in the Classroom

Day 2 will begin with how to build trust with the child, observation exercises, and ways to be responsive to the child rather than reactive. The second part of Day 2 will focus exclusively on the skills needed to support the lead teacher and the children, through break-out groups for the primary and elementary level. Also covered will be assistant duties in the classroom, transition activity ideas, and how to protect the guide’s lesson.