1. Humanities: “Uplifting of the Inner Life of Humanity”

Workshop Title: “Uplifting of the Inner Life of Humanity”: Topics and Values in Humanities Projects

Presenter: Emma Rodwin, from Butler Montessori, Maryland


2. Visual Arts in the Montessori Adolescent Environment

Workshop Title: “Visual Arts in the Montessori Adolescent Environment”

Presenter: Amy Nottingham, The Grove School, California


3. Writing: What was I thinking?

Workshop Title: “What Was I Thinking: Using Mindfulness Techniques in the Teaching of Writing”

Presenter: Barbara Roether, Ideas for Class, North Carolina


4. The Prepared Adult

Workshop Title: The Prepared Adult: Strong SEL for Adolescents Starts with Strong SEL for Adults

Presenter: Sara Cotner Montessori for All, Texas


5. Permaculture: Proof of Concept

Workshop Title: How to Create a Permaculture Orchard for Farm School: Proof of Concept

Presenter: Randie Piscitello, Goodwater Montessori Public Charter School, Texas

Description: There would be a short description of what permaculture is, why it is important to Montessori and to the current climate issues that are facing the globe, and different levels that permaculture can be integrated into programs - from cities to rural areas, and from private schools to public schools. Examples would be given showing large scale multi thousand acre systems down to solutions for people in cities. The presentation part would end with examples of curriculum alignment that aligns with adolescent state standards for grade level competency in all academic areas, but specifically the sciences.

6. Beekeeping: Spreading the Buzz

Workshop Title: Spread the Buzz: Beekeeping in the Montessori Adolescent Program

Presenter: Christina Gasbarro, Woodside Montessori Academy, Massachusetts


7. Math Seminar

Workshop Title: Algebra Seminar…

Presenter: Charley Myers, Compass Montessori, Colorado


8. Let’s Get Chickens!

Workshop title: "Let's Get Chickens!" - Allowing Adolescents the Freedom to Build Their Own Programs

Presenter: David Tyler, Arbor Montessori, Georgia

Description: This session will use this case study as a starting point to discuss student-led initiatives in adolescent programs and highlight the ways of trusting teenagers and involving students in building their own curricula leads to a more engaged student body.

9. Unit Design: High School Science

Workshop Title: Unit Design with "Test Optional" Summative Assessment in a High School Science Classroom

Presenter: Jen Terry, Beacon Academy, Illinois


10. Equity and Justice

Workshop Title: Joyous & Just Observation: Montessori Methodologies & Equity & Justice Work

Presenter: Clarise Dixon, Beacon Academy, Illinois

Description: In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how Maria Montessori’s mandates to observe and to practice pedagogy of place can set the foundation for a holistic shift, at all levels, in how our schools approach justice philosophies and programming.